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The Best Accommodation Options on Isla Holbox

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On Holbox there are many possibilities to find a suitable accommodation. Although some travel agencies offer package tours, they are hard to find, as there are no big hotel castles here that would make such an offer worthwhile. Of course, this is a good thing, because this small island in Mexico remains a popular destination for tourists and vacationers who prefer to plan their trip individually. And that’s not difficult at all.

Most accommodations are listed on or Airbnb, whether it’s a simple or luxurious hotel, a lively hostel, a comfortable apartment or an adventurous campsite. With our tips and recommendations, you will definitely find the right place for your stay on the island.

Hotels on Holbox Island



Recommended 3-5 star and boutique hotels on Holbox. From basic to stylish to luxurious.



Which hostels you can find on Isla Holbox and what prices and facilities you can expect.

Hostels on Holbox Island in Mexico
Apartments on Holbox Island



Information about apartments, rooms and houses. Where to book them and how much they cost.



Where to camp on Isla Holbox, what prices are common and what you can get for it.

Camping on Holbox Island