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Food, restaurants, cafes and bars on Isla Holbox

Culinary Diversity in Holbox

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When it comes to food and drink, Holbox Island offers an extraordinary variety. From traditional Mexican cuisine to international dishes and trendy in-food, there is something for everyone. There are excellent options for a hearty breakfast or snack and the nightlife has plenty to offer as well.

We have put together a list of some of the typical food and drink to be discovered on the island and where to find the best restaurants, cafes and bars. There are also many options for delicious street food, Mexican cooking classes and even taco tours on Holbox.

Food and beverages on Holbox Island in Mexico


Mexican Food

What to eat. Typical dishes and drinks you can expect to find in Holbox and other parts of Mexico.


Holbox Restaurants

Where to find the best food in every price range on Isla Holbox and what types of restaurants are represented.

Restaurants on Holbox Island in Mexico
Cafes and street food on Holbox Island


Cafeterias and Street Food

It doesn’t always have to be a restaurant. Where to find good breakfasts, tasty snacks and local dishes at reasonable prices in Holbox.


Beach Clubs

A day at a beach club offers many benefits and amenities. Where to find the best beach clubs in Holbox.

Holbox Beach Clubs
Bars and Pubs on Holbox Island in Mexico


Bars and Pubs

Even on the otherwise quiet island of Holbox, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs for an entertaining evening.

Holbox Cooking Classes

For culinary enthusiasts who want to learn the secrets of Mexican cuisine, there is a very special opportunity. Mexican cooking classes are offered at the centrally located La Puerta Rosa.

The entrance to La Puerta Rosa on Holbox Island
The unassuming entrance to La Puerta Rosa

Classes take place in the mornings from 10:00 to 13:00 and in the evenings from 19:00 to 22:00. Each day is dedicated to a different region of Mexico and the dishes vary according to the season and availability of ingredients. You can choose from typical dishes from Holbox and Yucatán as well as from Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara, Jalisco and Oaxaca.

The kitchen of La Puerta Rosa on Holbox Island
The kitchen for Mexican cooking classes

Here you will learn how to prepare these delicacies and then enjoy your own creations to the fullest. The cost of the cooking classes is 1,200 MXN (70 USD / 94 CAD / 55 GBP) in the morning and 1,500 MXN (87 USD / 118 CAD / 69 GBP) in the evening, both per person at the group rate, including drinks. Private cooking classes are only offered in the evening and cost 2,000 MXN (116 USD / 157 CAD / 92 GBP) per person.

For more information and to register, visit La Puerta Rosa – Holbox Cooking Classes.

Holbox Taco Tour

As in many other tourist destinations, a food tour has established itself in Holbox. The local tour operator Lorena specializes in tacos and offers special taco tours for groups of up to 6 people, where you can taste the Mexican national dish. The night tour lasts 3 hours and visits a total of 4 restaurants that are said to serve the best tacos in Holbox.

Tacos at the Taco Tour on Holbox Island in Mexico
Mexican Tacos

The individual taco restaurants are of course Lorena’s best kept secret. In any case, you can expect really unusual tacos that you will hardly find in ordinary restaurants. There is also interesting background information on how they are made and prepared. In addition to 4 tacos, 4 cocktails are included in the proud price of 94 USD (127 CAD / 100 GBP), which should make for a fun evening.

You can book the Holbox Taco Tour online at