Holbox Island

A secluded place to relax and feel good

Almost a Small Paradise

If you long for dreamlike sandy beaches between palm trees and the sea and the relaxed life in the Caribbean, you will hardly get past the island of Holbox (pronunciation: “Hol-Bosh”) in Mexico. Due to its secluded location and, until some time ago, difficult accessibility, the island has been spared from the usual tourist masses. Of course, this idyll has also suffered a little due to its increasing popularity, but the local population on Holbox is aware of the value of this natural paradise and so they do their best to preserve it as much as possible.

Isla Holbox is still something of an insider’s tip that you absolutely have to see. Because here you will surely find the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen, pleasantly warm temperatures almost all year round, miles of sandy beaches and a lifestyle that offers just the right thing for every wallet. Visitors from all over the world travel to Holbox Island to see flamingos, swim with whale sharks or experience bioluminescence. Isla Holbox is where people hold weddings, honeymoon or just hang out. On Mexican holidays, locals from the surrounding towns on the mainland come and celebrate their numerous fiestas here. Then there is some hustle and bustle on the otherwise quiet island.

The Village of Holbox Island

Seen from above, the inhabited part of the island does not look big at all, and it is not. Just 1,500 inhabitants live here. With a rented golf cart or bicycle you can easily explore the whole island in a single day. If the weather is not suitable for swimming, you should definitely go on such an exploration tour. More about the location of Holbox in Mexico and the surrounding area can be found here:


Travel Time and Climate

When is the best time to vacation on Holbox


The Natural Paradise

Discover the lush vegetation and wildlife of Isla Holbox



About murals, fiestas and festivals, dance and music and what kind of handicrafts you can discover on Holbox


History and Story

The history of Isla Holbox from the Mayas to the Spanish conquest and modern times