Shopping and Wellness

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Shopping on Holbox

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Vacationing in Mexico is always a special experience, as the local culture is in many ways very different from that of other countries. One would like to take some memories of the colorful and lively atmosphere home with them, and there are good opportunities to do so on Holbox.

Unlike in the big tourist centers in Cancún or Playa del Carmen, the possibilities for shopping on Holbox Island are still quite clear. There are only a few stores that sell classic souvenirs, but most of them are really from Mexico and not cheaply made in China or elsewhere. On Holbox you can find for example Huichol art from Jalisco, Alebrijes from Oaxaca, Catrinas, fabrics, garments and wood carvings from Yucatán and handicrafts from local people living here.

Most of the stores and stalls are located around the main square and in the local “shopping center”, which consists of a handful of them. In addition, there are small boutiques in some hotels or restaurants that offer selected pieces. Most stores open in the morning from 9:00 and close in the evening between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

Stores and Boutiques on Holbox

Stores in the Shopping Center Plaza El Pueblito

The El Pueblito Hotel building has a very nice courtyard where you can find the nice Capriccio Café, Parador 33 and El Sushi restaurants, a beauty salon and some small boutiques.

Wellness, Yoga, Spa and Massage

If you are looking for a little more relaxation and want to do something good for your soul and body, you should definitely take advantage of the local wellness offers. On the one hand these are cheaper than in the home country, on the other hand there are well trained personnel on Holbox. Many hotels offer their own and other guests various wellness programs, where you are in good hands. From aromatherapy, yoga, Maya massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, beauty masks, to lymphatic drainage, everything your heart desires is offered. The prices for one hour are about 45-60 USD, depending on the hotel and treatment.

For a simple massage, it is best to walk down the beach to the right as seen from the main square. Here you will find some massage huts that offer good service, e.g. at Mayan Massage by Selene. Single massages are available from 600 MXN (approx. 30 USD), massages for 2 persons from 1000 MXN (approx. 50 USD). Close to the centre, Masajes Holbox offers professional massages on request. For individual yoga classes and meditation away from the hotels, you can sign up on the Facebook page of Yoga Holbox.

Yoga and wellness on the beach of Holbox Island in Mexico
Yoga on the beach of Isla Holbox during sunset