Explore Holbox Island

Take a walk, rent a golf cart or a bicycle

A Walk on the Beach of Holbox

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The entire north coast of Holbox Island is one long sandy beach made up of finely ground shells and coral. The water near the beach is very shallow everywhere and depending on the tide there are always long sandbanks where you can walk barefoot.

The large sandbar to Punta Mosquito on Holbox Island
The large sandbar to Punta Mosquito

Tip: You should definitely take enough drinks with you for the walk and apply plenty of sunscreen. Due to the reflection of the light on the surrounding water, the solar radiation here is much higher and should not be underestimated. Especially on cloudy days and when there is perhaps a strong wind blowing, you can quickly get a sunburn without even realizing it.

Along the way, you can collect shells, watch small rays and pufferfish in the water, find a prehistoric animal and see countless different birds. And in the evening, this side of the island offers the best view of Holbox’s spectacular sunsets. Best enjoyed with a delicious cocktail at one of the many beach bars or beach clubs.

Sunset at the beach at a beach club in Holbox
Sunset at the beach at a beach club

The Way East to the Lagoon at Rio Kuka

If you walk east along the beach from the center, you will pass the last hotels after about half an hour and enter the beginning of the mangrove reserve. From here, you can continue walking for about 20 minutes until the beach is interrupted by the mouth of a lagoon, where you can’t go any further on foot.

Mangroves near the lagoon at the Rio Kuka in Holbox
Mangroves near the lagoon at the Rio Kuka

Alternatively, just before Hotel Las Nubes, the last hotel on the beach, you can cross to the sandbank in the sea, which is clearly visible at low tide. From there, walk past the mouth of the lagoon towards Punta Mosquito. Sometimes you can even see the beautiful but very shy flamingos or whole colonies of pelicans from this sandbar.

Flamingos on the sandbank of Holbox Island
Flamingos on the sandbank

Attention! This trail ends at a stop sign because Punta Mosquito is a nature reserve and tourists are not allowed to enter.

Stop sign on the sandbank at Punta Mosquito in Holbox
Stop sign on the sandbank at Punta Mosquito

The Western Way to Punta Cocos

Heading west, you can reach Punta Cocos Bay in half an hour to an hour. The bay itself can only be crossed directly at very low tide, or you can take the more circuitous route through the interior of the island. There is not much to see on the other side of the bay, except for a short, narrow path along the coast that leads to the southernmost part of the island, where you can catch a glimpse of the opposite island, Isla de la Pasión.

A Tour of the Village of Holbox

On the other side of Holbox, in the south of the island, is the port where the ferries from and to Chiquilá dock. Here you can see colorfully painted fishing and excursion boats. Next door is a baseball field and the island’s power plant. From here, you can take a stroll through the town, admire the beautiful murals on the walls of the houses and visit the shops, restaurants and cafes.

Just wander the streets to your heart’s content. There is no danger of getting lost as Holbox is easy to navigate. Early risers can experience the sunrise over the harbor, which is a unique play of colors.

Sunrise at Holbox ferry port
Sunrise at Holbox ferry port

Explore Holbox by Bike

In many hotels and hostels you can rent a bike for a small fee. This is a much faster way to get to the places mentioned above. And if the path leads through the bush-covered interior of the island, it is much more pleasant to cycle than to walk in the noticeably hotter weather.

Explore Holbox Island on a rented bike
Rent a bike and explore Holbox Island

When touring the island, you should definitely pass by the cemetery and take a quick look inside. It is located just outside of town on Avenida Damero, the road that passes by the airport runway. On this street there is also a small market near the airport building where you can buy local tropical fruits, freshly squeezed juices or local snacks like tacos or empanadas.

The Holbox Island Cemetery
The Holbox Island Cemetery

If your accommodation doesn’t provide bicycles, you can rent one from one of the many bike rentals. Often they will even bring them to your hotel. Prices for a normal bike start at 35 MXN (2 USD / 1.70 GBP) per hour, for a whole day you pay around 200-250 MXN (12-15 USD / 10-12 GBP).

Note: Most bikes do not have lights, which can be quite exciting in the dark due to poor lighting and bad roads.

Holbox bike rentals

BikeLand Holbox – Bicycles for rent in Holbox, C. Palomino / Porfirio Díaz y Jerónimo de Aguilar, +52 984 2414984

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Holbox Bike Tours, Av. Kuka / C. Carito, +52 984 3120466

Ama’s Bike Rental, Avenida Damero, +52 984 1286560

Rent a Golf Cart in Holbox

The most comfortable way to explore Holbox Island is by golf cart. The small vehicles are well suited to the poor sandy roads. They are also great fun as long as you avoid the big puddles and potholes and don’t drive in the loose sand. Otherwise you can get stuck or the engine can stall because it gets wet.

Half a day is enough to drive around the island and through the village of Holbox and you will have seen almost everything. You don’t need a driver’s license to drive a golf car, and the rules of the road are fairly intuitive. There are hardly any traffic signs, and if there are any, they are more like guidelines with a lot of room for interpretation. Although the vehicles are not particularly fast, caution is advised as they are popular with locals and even children.

Man with dogs in a golf car in Holbox
Mexican with puppies in a golf car

By the way, driving golf carts directly on the beach is strictly forbidden and very damaging to the environment. After all, Isla Holbox is a well-preserved natural area and should remain so because of its wonderful flora and fauna.

If you would like to rent a golf cart in Holbox, it is best to ask at your accommodation or contact one of the numerous rental companies. Prices are similar and range from 500 MXN (30 USD/ 24 GBP) for 2 hours, 1500-2000 MXN (90-120 USD / 72- 96 GBP) for half a day and 2000-2500 MXN (120-150 USD / 96-120 GBP) for 24 hours, including fuel.

Note: Some companies charge a cleaning fee if the golf car is very dirty when you return it.

Tip: When you pick up the golf cart, make sure that it is in good condition and that everything works, otherwise you should complain immediately.

Holbox golf cart rentals

Golf Cart Rental El Brother, C. Tiburón Ballena, +52 984 8752018

Punta Caracol Golf Cart Rental, Av. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell / C. Pez Vela, +52 55 1150 5028

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Monkeys Golf Cart Rental on Holbox Island
Monkey’s Golf Cart Rental in Holbox

From time to time you can see an ATV in Holbox. However, these much faster vehicles are usually privately owned and cannot be rented.


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about walking, bikes and golf carts in Holbox:

Golf carts can be rented on the spot in Holbox, usually spontaneously. To be sure of getting a golf car, it is advisable to book 1 or 2 days in advance at the hotel or directly with the rental company. In the high season at Christmas, Easter and in the main holiday season from July to August, it is better to order the golf cart at least 2-3 days before the desired date.

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