Campsites on Isla Holbox

Camping on Holbox

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Camping is definitely the cheapest and at the same time the most adventurous way to spend your vacation on Holbox in Mexico. No matter if you stay in a tent or in a small hut, this way you can experience the Caribbean nights in the greatest closeness to nature. You should pay attention to the different equipment of the campsites.

Tip: Due to the nature of camping, make sure you bring a good insect repellent! Sawyer’s tropical repellents for skin and clothing are highly recommended.

The offers range from a simple pitch for your own tent to a rented tent with comfortable mattresses, electricity and WiFi. Some campsites are even run together with a hostel, which brings the advantage of a more extensive infrastructure.

The prices for a tent for 2 persons are about 32-36 USD (26-29 GBP) per night for all providers. For bungalows or cabañas you pay from about 38 USD (31 GBP).

Booking Options

At most campsites you can book a tent or bungalow online at Some campsites also have their own website with a booking option.

We have compiled some good camping options for you here.

Mapache Hostel & Camping on Holbox Island

Mapache Hostel & Camping


Kin Camping on Holbox Island

Kin Camping


Camping at Hostel & Cabañas Ida Y Vuelta on Holbox Island

Cabanas Ida Y Vuelta


Balam Ecocamping & Cabañas on Holbox Island

Balam Camping & Cabañas


La Aldea Cabanas y Camping on Holbox Island

La Aldea Cabañas y Camping


Camping Ka'anche on Holbox Island

Camping Ka’anche



Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about camping in Holbox:

A tent for 2 persons costs 32-36 USD per night in Holbox.

A bungalow or cottage (cabaña) for 2 people costs from 38 USD per night on Holbox Island.