Cafes and Street Food

Cafeterias, snack bars and market on Holbox

Breakfast and Snacks on Holbox

Many accommodations offer breakfast and small snacks themselves, which is of course very convenient and usually of very good quality. However, it is just as recommendable to walk through the village or along the beach and try out the different offers. From local Mexican specialties or delicious vegetarian bowls to simple fast food, you will easily find what you are looking for on the island. Also, some beach vendors offer their snacks, ice cream or fresh tropical fruits like mangos and coconuts to the sun-hungry bathers. Here you can grab without worrying.

Breakfast Places, Cafes and Snack Bars

On Holbox Island there are only a few cafes. Instead, you will find numerous small places that offer breakfast or small takeaway meals.

Street Stalls

It doesn’t always have to be a restaurant or a pub when you’re hungry. As usual in Mexico, there are also many small street stalls on the island of Holbox that offer local delicacies. Especially during vacations and vacations there are many mobile stalls around the main square, where different dishes are eagerly prepared and offered for sale.

You should definitely try a marquesita, a specialty in Yucatán. It is a thin crêpe-shaped wafer filled with Nutella, cajeta (caramel sauce), bananas and cheese. Equally typical in Mexico are the so-called churros, a dessert made of deep-fried choux pastry. They are squirted with a mold into elongated strips, baked out in hot fat and taste similar to doughnuts.

For the small appetite you will find dishes like tamales, dough steamed in a banana leaf with different fillings, and of course all imaginable variations of tacos, empanadas and quesadillas or meat dishes like Conchinita Pibil. More information about typical Mexican dishes can be found on the page Food and Beverages.

Streetfood on Isla Holbox
Street stalls in the evening around the main square

Market and Fruterias

One of the most delicious specialties of the Caribbean are the fresh exotic fruits, which cannot be found anywhere in this quality and ripeness. Not only are there tropical fruits on Holbox that you probably have never heard of, they are also very cheap to buy here due to the short transport routes. The biggest choice is at the local market, the Mercado Municipal de Holbox near the small airport of Holbox.

The market is open daily from 6:30 am -2:30 pm and only closed on Sundays. There are many stalls with fresh fruits and tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya or mango. Upon request, the vendors will be happy to prepare them into a fruit salad or fruit juice at an unbeatable price. You’ll also find a few stalls offering smaller dishes, such as tacos, empanadas and tamales.

Fruit stand on Holbox Island
Fruit stand

Another tip is the Frutería La Concepción, located on Calle Gerónimo de Aguilar. It is open all day until 10 pm and carries fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and exotic fruits.

Fruteria La Concepcion on Holbox Island
Fruteria La Concepción