Ferries to Isla Holbox

Only a short boat ride to the island

By Ferry from Chiquilá to Isla Holbox

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Now it is almost done! Arrived in Chiquilá, a (former) small fishing village, it continues to the port. There are two ferry companies that cross to Holbox Island every 30 minutes. The first ferry leaves at 6:00 am and the last at 9:30 pm (as of May 2024).

Tickets for the ferries

It doesn’t matter if you take the “Holbox Express” or the “9 Hermanos” ferry, the duration and the price are the same for both. Currently, the ticket costs 300 MXN (18 USD / 14 GBP) and after a travel time of about 25 minutes you will arrive at the port of Holbox.

You can buy the tickets directly at the pier at the counters next to the small supermarket. If you are traveling by ADO bus, it is also possible that tickets will be offered on the bus during the trip for the same price. If you prefer to book your tickets online in advance, you can do so conveniently at Bookaway. It can be even cheaper and you will avoid the often long queues at the ticket counter.

Waiting area and boarding the ferry at the port of Chiquila
Waiting area at the port of Chiquilá and boarding the ferry

The crossing

Boarding is only possible a few minutes before the scheduled departure. While luggage is loaded in the front part of the ship, passengers can board in the rear part. There is an air-conditioned interior and an open upper deck. If the weather is bad, it is better to go inside, where it can be a bit noisy due to the blaring advertisements on the monitors. Otherwise, you’ll be fine on the top deck, where you can also enjoy the beautiful view. Do not underestimate the strong sunlight here, and apply a good sunscreen, even if the crossing is only short.

Dogs are allowed on the ferry. However, they must travel on the upper deck and be kept on a leash.

The upper deck of the ferry from Chiquila to Holbox Island
On the upper deck of the ferry

Arriving at the port of Holbox Island

After the ferry has docked at the port of Holbox and you have disembarked, it is best to line up for a taxi in the large covered waiting area of the harbor. It doesn’t take long to be assigned a golf cart taxi. There are very few cars on the island. Depending on the distance and time, the taxi will cost you about 100-200 MXN (6-12 USD / 5-10 GBP) and will bump you along the sandy, potholed roads, as you will not find paved roads here.

Taxi queue at the port of Holbox Island
Taxi queue at the port of Holbox Island

The longed-for accommodation can be reached in a few minutes from the port, no matter where it is located. Now you can relax and refresh yourself after the long journey.

Impressions from the crossing

From the departure in Chiquilá to the arrival in the port of Holbox:

Overnight in Chiquilá

If you are unlucky enough to miss the last ferry, or if the weather is exceptionally so bad that there is no ferry, you will have no choice but to spend the night in Chiquilá. Near the harbor are the Hotel Pelicano and Casa Mary, and about 0.6 mi from there are the Mayan Villas and the much more modern Villas Yalahau and Villas Ixchel. The prices are about 37-65 USD (28-52 GBP) and you should not expect too much comfort. The choice of restaurants and their quality is also very limited. It is best to go to bed early and catch one of the first ferries the next morning.

Return from Holbox to Chiquilá

Ferries also run in the opposite direction every 30 minutes. The first ferry from Holbox to Chiquilá leaves at 5:00 am (the second only at 6:00 am) and the last at 10:00 pm. Of course, there may be variations depending on the season and weather conditions. Short term changes are usually announced first on the Facebook pages of Barcos Holbox Express and 9Hermanos Holbox. It is recommended to check these pages in case of doubt. You can also conveniently book your return tickets online in advance.

Waiting for the return ferry from Holbox to Chiquila
Waiting for the return ferry from Holbox to Chiquila

Review of the Journey

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about ferries to Holbox:

Both the “Holbox Express” and the “9 Hermanos” ferry take about 25 minutes from Chiquilá to Holbox.

Currently, the ferry from Chiquilá to Holbox costs 220 MXN (13 USD or about 10 GBP). There are discounts for children up to 12 years old.

Tickets for the Holbox ferry can be booked online in advance or purchased directly at the port in Chiquilá, although there may be a longer wait at the ticket counter.

The ferries usually run very punctually. Even the last ferry from Chiquilá to Holbox waits a maximum of 5 minutes.

Dogs are permitted on the upper deck of the ferry on a leash. Aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle or be kept in a carrier.