From simple to luxurious hotels on Holbox

Hotels on Isla Holbox

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There is a wide range of hotels on the island. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you will find everything from cheap to expensive, simple or exclusive, secluded or centrally located, quiet or lively. Only all-inclusive hotels are hard to find. That would be a shame, because there are countless restaurants with a wonderful selection on Holbox.

Booking Options

Apart from a few special offers, there are hardly any package deals available for Holbox so far. Most hotels are listed on or Expedia and many have their own websites where you can inquire or book directly.

Tip: If you are planning a longer stay on Holbox and book directly through the hotel’s website, be sure to ask for a discount. It can be worth it!

On the other hand, if you book through the hotel’s own website, there are usually stricter cancellation policies and a deposit is often required to protect against last-minute cancellations. If you want to book your hotel well in advance, it may be a little more expensive, but it is also safer to book through There are usually no advance fees, and you can often cancel at the last minute for free.

Classification of Hotels

Achieving a comparable classification of Mexico’s hotels is anything but easy. For many years, the country has been trying to create a uniform classification system, but the effort has been thwarted by the difficulty of implementing the rules and the lack of adherence to them. As in many other areas, strict regulations in Mexico are seen more as guidelines with a lot of room for interpretation, and are handled accordingly.

Nevertheless, to give you a good overview of recommendable hotels on Isla Holbox, we have divided the best of them into basic hotels in the lower price range, mid-range hotels with good value for money, boutique hotels and luxury hotels in the upper price range.

Our 3 Personal Favorites

The range of hotels on Holbox is very large and at first glance a bit confusing. There are now more than 200 options to choose from. We recommend the following accommodations, with which we have had good experiences:

  • If you want it simple and cheap, you are in good hands at the friendly Hotel EncantaLuna.
  • Our favorite accommodation is the Hotel Mawimbi, which has the most beautiful beach and garden.
  • If you want to stay in style, Hotel Casa Cat Ba is the best choice.

Basic Hotels

If you are looking for a simple place to sleep and prefer to spend your days at the beach or on one of the numerous tours offered on Holbox, these cheap hotels are ideal. Most of the time you will find simple, clean rooms with basic amenities, often close to the center and yet not far from the beach.

Most of these hotels do not offer breakfast themselves, but there are always enough cafes or breakfast places nearby with a varied selection. On the other hand, these accommodations are run by particularly friendly and helpful hosts who offer a family atmosphere. Prices for a simple double room on Holbox range from 55 to 110 USD (44-88 GBP) per night.

Hotel EncantaLuna on Holbox Island


Extremely friendly

Hotel Casa Vainilla on Holbox Island

Casa Vainilla

Mexican colourful

Hotel Casa Sofia on Holbox Island

Casa Sofia


Hotel Casa Chujuk on Holbox Island

Casa Chujuk

Very cozy

Hotel Don Panchon y Maruxa on Holbox Island

Don Panchon y Maruxa

Super friendly

Hotel Casa Coronaa on Holbox Island

Casa Coronaa

Very clean

Middle Class Hotels

These are hotels in the middle price range and are conveniently located. These 3-4 star hotels often have a pool, beach club and spa program. They offer good facilities and service at a reasonable price. As with all accommodation on Holbox, you should always consider the season in which you want to come. During the high season, demand is so high that prices can almost double. Normally, prices for a room for two people are around 110-275 USD (88-220 GBP) per night.

Hotel Casa Peregrino on Holbox Island

Casa Peregrino

Rooftop pool

Hotel Para Ti on Holbox Island

Hotel Para Ti

Nice pool

Hotel Tierra del Mar on Holbox Island

Tierra del Mar Hotel

Well maintained

Hotel Casa Takywara on Holbox Island

Casa Takywara

Jungle feeling

Hotel La Palapa on Holbox Island

Hotel La Palapa

Perfect location

Hotel Casa Iguana on Holbox Island

Casa Iguana

Top location

Boutique Hotels

As the name suggests, boutique hotels are usually smaller, individually run hotels with a very personal touch. It is not uncommon to find a small boutique offering stylish and local textiles, accessories, jewelry and handicrafts. There is also usually a pool, beach club or great spa options.

What all boutique hotels have in common is their uniqueness of design and charm. In most cases, the owners have incorporated their good taste and years of experience into the room design and service. Room rates vary widely in this category, starting at around 110 USD (88 GBP), but depending on the hotel, can easily exceed 450 USD (360 GBP) per night.

Hotel El Corazón on Holbox Island

Hotel El Corazón

Very comfortable

Hotel Casa Cat Ba on Holbox Island

Casa Cat Ba

Super stylish

Hotel Mawimbi on Holbox Island

Hotel Mawimbi

Our favourite

Hotel Palapas del Sol on Holbox Island

Palapas del Sol


Hotel Casa Hridaya on Holbox Island

Casa Hridaya


Hotel Ser Casasandra on Holbox Island

Ser Casasandra

Wellness pure

The Hotel Naj Casa Holbox

Naj Casa Holbox

Family rooms

Luxury Hotels

For those who prefer a little more luxury, these 4-5 star hotels are highly recommended. Depending on the hotel’s facilities, you can expect perfect service, a pool, and extensive wellness options such as massages or yoga. Even gyms may be available.

Everything is done to make your vacation on Isla Holbox as pleasant and carefree as possible. Honeymoons and weddings are often celebrated here. Of course, all this has its price, which can range from 275 USD (220 GBP) to well over 550 USD (440 GBP).

Hotel Casa Las Tortugas on Holbox Island

Casa Las Tortugas

Super trendy

Hotel Nomade on Holbox Island

Hotel Nomade

Pure luxury

Hotel Villas Flamingos on Holbox Island

Hotel Villas Flamingos

Stylish pools


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about hotels:

A simple hotel room costs between 55 and 110 USD per night. Well-equipped 3-4 star hotels in prime locations cost 110-275 USD. Luxury 5-star hotels start at 275 USD per night.

The best places to stay on Holbox are El Corazón Boutique Hotel, Hotel Para Ti and Hotel Nomade Holbox.