Transfer to Chiquilá

From Cancún by cab, shuttle, bus or organized transfer

From the Airport in Cancún to the Port of Chiquilá

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After landing in Cancún, it is recommended to stock up on some Mexican Pesos (MXN) right at the airport. Cash is scarce on Isla Holbox, because there are only two working ATMs for the whole island and they can be empty for some time. You won’t have this problem at Cancún airport. Here you can withdraw money from the ATMs in the exit area under normal conditions with a credit or debit card.

Tip: There are also ATMs in the departures building of Cancún Airport, which are usually less frequented.

Once you have escaped the air-conditioned and lively Cancun International Airport building, the warm, humid Caribbean air will immediately tell you that you have changed the climate zone. Take a deep breath, please! Depending on which variant you have chosen for your onward journey, you now have the following options:

Transfer by Taxi or Minibus Organized by the Hotel

This is usually the most comfortable way to travel. After the exit door of the airport, countless Mexicans with big signs are waiting to pick up passengers who have arrived. Don’t get confused by the loudly shouting crowds. If your hotel has booked a transfer for you, there will be someone there with a sign with your name written on it -although maybe not quite right ;-).

Often, several people are transported in a cab or minibus, so you may have to wait a while until departure. But after that, this option is certainly the fastest. The trip to Chiquilá takes about 2 hours and costs about 60-120 USD (50-100 GBP) per person, depending on whether it is a shared or private ride. If your hotel does not offer a transfer to Chiquilá, you can also book one online here.

By Shuttle (Shared Minivan)

A little cheaper, but not quite as comfortable is the transfer to Chiquilá by shuttle bus, which can be booked directly at the airport exit. These are minibuses for 8-10 people from different providers.

Busy salesmen approach the arrivals at the exit until enough people have gathered for a full shuttle. This can sometimes take a while, for which some patience is required. The trip also takes about 2-2.5 hours and should not cost more than 900 MXN, or 50 USD (40 GBP). There are also online booking options for the shuttle transfer.

By Bus

The cheapest way to get to Chiquilá is by bus. The bus station at Cancún Airport (ADO Terminal) is located after the exit on the right side of the large parking lot. First, the way leads to the center of Cancún, which takes about 1 hour. You can buy the ticket for 130 MXN (8 USD or 6 GBP) directly at the bus stop at the airport. From the bus station in Cancún, several bus lines depart multiple times a day to Chiquilá, most frequently the highly recommended first class line ADO.

Departure times and prices vary depending on the season, which is why you should check the ADO site (Spanish only) or Bookaway before you leave. Luggage is stored in the stowage area of the bus, for which you sometimes even get a luggage tag. On the bus itself, you should always keep an eye on your carry-on luggage and stow it near you, preferably between your legs or under the front seat. The cost is 300-360 MXN (18-21 USD or 14-17 GBP) for the ADO bus and the pure travel time is about 2.5 hours. (Status May 2024)

For experienced Mexico travelers there is also the possibility of taking a so-called “Colectivo“. These are minibuses that are often used by locals to travel to nearby towns or neighborhoods. These rides are somewhat cheaper (250 MXN, or 15 USD / 12 GBP for a ride from downtown Cancún to Chiquilá), but quite uncomfortable, as they are usually packed with people and luggage. In addition, you have to expect unplanned stops or minor detours. In the end, it is not worth it for a few dollars or pounds less.

Colectivo from Playa del Carmen to Chiquila at Holbox Island
Uncomfortable Colectivo in Chiquilá

On the Way with a Rental Car

If you are traveling with a rental car, for example because you are on a Yucatán tour and only want to spend a few days on the island of Holbox, then it is recommended to park the car in Chiquilá. Holbox is practically car-free and you can’t drive around there anyway due to the lack of decent roads. Fortunately, Chiquilá has many affordable long-term guarded parking lots. The cost is the same everywhere and is 100 MXN (6 USD / 5 GBP) per day. Even if the parking lots are guarded, do not leave anything in the rental car and take the keys with you.

Parking garage in Chiquila near Holbox Island
One of the many parking garages near the port in Chiquilá

There are no car rental agencies in Chiquilá, nor is it possible to pick up or return a rented car. The closest car rentals are in Cancún or Playa del Carmen.

The Rest of the Trip

Once you arrive at the port of Chiquilá, the only thing left to do is to cross over to the island of Holbox. Which ferries you can use is described here:


Here we have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the transfer to Chiquilá:

The fastest option from Cancún Airport to Chiquilá is a private transfer by taxi or minibus and takes 2 hours. This can be booked in many hotels for an extra charge or online by yourself.

With the shuttle bus (shared minivan) you can get cheap and fast from the airport in Cancún to Chiquilá. You can book a shuttle transfer online or at the airport exit. Depending on the waiting time for other passengers, you will need 3-4 hours for the trip.

The cheapest way to get to Chiquilá is by bus. First you take the ADO airport bus to Cancún center to the bus station (1 hour) and then another bus to Chiquilá (2.5 hours). Depending on the bus schedule, the journey takes about 4-5 hours.

If you have booked a private taxi, you will be picked up at your arrival terminal (Terminal 3 or 4). Most shuttle buses wait in Terminal 2 at the Welcome Bar. You can get there by the ASUR airport shuttlebus, which runs about every 15-30 minutes and is free of charge.

Timetable of the ASUR Terminal Shuttle at Cancun Airport
Timetable of the ASUR Terminal Shuttle
ASUR Terminal Shuttle at Cancun Airport
The free ASUR Terminal Shuttle

If you are in a hurry to get to another terminal, you can also take a taxi. However, these are very expensive and cost 400-500 MXN (25-30 USD) for the short trip.

Terminal shuttle taxi at Cancun Airport
Expensive terminal shuttle taxi at the Cancun Airport

Private transfers wait up to 4 hours, shared transfers (shared minivan) wait at most up to 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time. The ADO bus is not waiting.

No, to get to Chiquilá by ADO bus, you must first go to the ADO bus station in the center of Cancún. From there you can take another ADO bus from Cancún to Chiquilá.