Carnival on Holbox

A happy colorful spectacle full of exuberance

The Carnival of Isla Holbox

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This exceptional carnival parade takes place between February and early March for a total of five days. The exact date varies each year and is set a few months in advance. The carnival has become a real attraction, drawing many visitors from the surrounding towns and villages.

The last carnival took place from February 9th to 13th, 2024 and was again a great success, despite the fact that the island had been briefly flooded before. At the same time, the Carnival of Mérida took place, which is even bigger and lasts a whole week.

As usual, the date for the Holbox Carnival 2025 is far from being set. Since next year’s Easter holidays start about three weeks later, we assume that the Carnaval de Holbox could take place from February 28th to March 3rd. You can find out more about how the spectacle will take place in the detailed article “The Extraordinary Carnival of Holbox“.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated and can’t wait to see what attractions the Holbox Carnival 2025 will have to offer.

Preparation and Schedule of the Event

The parade is prepared and organized by the locals on Holbox themselves. Women of all ages dress up for it in groups in colorful costumes in the style of salsa dancers, Mayans, Aztecs or other motives. The new costumes created for each carnival are sewn throughout the year and must be paid for by the women themselves, which is a very large amount of money for the Mexican women living here.

The music comes mainly from the men, who organize themselves into small bands and follow the individual dance groups through the streets of the town on foot or in colorfully decorated vehicles. The route is not exactly fixed. One rather tries to meet the other groups as little as possible and still position oneself for the own performance halfway centrally near the main square.

Between the shows, the protagonists can take a little breather, because the numerous performances are extremely exhausting for them. The hotels and restaurants located here then provide the participants with plenty of food and drink during their tour. They also take care of any blisters on their feet and minor repairs to their costumes.

The performances take place from the afternoon until the late evening at different places in Holbox. Each group wears its own outfit according to the theme and has rehearsed a show of about ten to twenty minutes over many weeks, which is presented with full commitment and enthusiasm.

The Grand Finale

It is a loud, colorful celebration of joy and the good mood quickly spreads to the spectators. At the end, all the dance groups gather for the grand finale in the main square, where each group gives its best once again and the show reaches its absolute climax. After that, the party goes on until dawn.

If you spend your vacation on Holbox Island just at carnival time, you should not miss the spectacle. The locals look forward to this special event all year round and proudly present their costumes and choreographies with the highest commitment and corresponding exuberance until the early morning hours. For vacationers who are looking for peace and quiet, these nights can be a bit exhausting, especially near the center.