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Sports Facilities on Isla Holbox

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Although the island may seem too small for a wide range of sports activities, there are more options than you might think. Here are the best and most popular ways to keep fit while on vacation.

Isla Holbox Kitesurfing

Have you always wanted to learn kitesurfing, improve your skills or just have fun with like-minded people? Then Holbox is the place for you! The shallow water on the 25 km long sandy beach and the wind, which usually blows onshore or side onshore, make the island an ideal spot for beginners and advanced kite surfers. Depending on the wind direction, there are two hotspots that are mainly used for kite surfing. One is in the west at Punta Cocos and the other in the east at Hotel Las Nubes.

The ideal Holbox kitesurfing season

The best weather conditions for kitesurfing on Holbox are in winter and spring, from November to April, with winds between 12 and 25 knots. Most of these months fall in the dry season, when the climate on Holbox is generally at its best. From May the wind dies down and the rainy season begins, often with heavy thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons. In the hot and humid summer, the wind is rather weak and there are only a few days suitable for kitesurfing.

Kitesurfer on Holbox Island
Kitesurfer in action on Isla Holbox

Kitesurfing schools on Holbox Island

Learning to kitesurf is not difficult and requires less effort than it seems at first glance. There are taster courses for beginners that last 2 to 3 hours. You will learn all the basics, from handling the kite correctly in the dry, to getting on the board and your first maneuvers in the water. A 3 day beginner course is recommended for safe and independent handling of the kiteboard. At the end of the course you should be able to kitesurf well enough to enjoy it.

Experienced kiters can book private lessons and rent equipment. There are three kitesurfing schools in Holbox where you can book lessons or rent equipment. All three offer similar services and are equally recommended.

Holbox Kiteboarding School
Av Damero, Centro, 77310 Isla Holbox, +52 984 1795021,

The Holbox Kiteboarding School on Holbox Island
The office of the Holbox Kiteboarding School

Holbox Kiteboarding School was founded in 2009. The multinational, IKO certified instructors teach in almost all languages, including German. The best hotspots are reached by the school’s own rescue boat, trailer or electric vehicle. Trial courses are available from 70 USD (94 CAD / 55 GBP) per hour. A 3-day basic course with a total of 9 hours starts at 585 USD (783 CAD / 458 GBP). There are also offers to learn how to use a foil and to surf with a wind or wing foil. You can rent good kite equipment for 3 hours from 90 USD (120 CAD / 70 GBP).

KUKULKITE Holbox KiteSurf School
Av Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, 77310 Holbox, +52 442 2835636,

The Kukulkite Kitesurf School on Holbox Island
The Kukulkite Kitesurf School

Kukulkite has only been on Holbox for a few years. The school also has well trained, IKO certified instructors. Prices here are a little lower here: A 2-hour introductory course starts at 120 USD (161 CAD / 94 GBP), a 9-hour basic course costs from 360 USD (482 CAD / 282 GBP), depending on the number of participants. Modern equipment is also available for rent. The price for complete kitesurfing equipment for one day is 85 USD (114 CAD / 67 GBP).

Lifestyle Kiteboarding
Isla Holbox, Av Damero con Calle Robalo, 77310 Holbox, +52 9842349335,

Die Lifestyle Kiteboarding School on Holbox Island
The reception of Lifestyle Kiteboarding School

The Lifestyle Kiteboarding KiteSurf School is the youngest kitesurfing school on the island of Holbox. The instructors are IKO certified and the latest equipment is used for the lessons. A 3 hour taster course costs from 3,300 MXN (191 USD / 255 CAD / 149 GBP), a 3 day beginner course starts at 9,000 MXN (520 USD / 696 CAD / 407 GBP) and full equipment for 3 hours is available for 1,200 MXN (69 USD / 93 CAD / 54 GBP).

Horseback riding in Holbox

On Holbox Island there is a small horseback riding stable called Los Potrillos, where you can book rides along the coast, through the mangroves and the jungle. The horse rental is located between the airport and the Hotel Puerto Holbox. The best thing to do is to go there and inquire in person.

The entrance to Los Podrillos Holbox Horseback Riding
The entrance near the beach to Los Podrillos

Prices start at 54 USD (72 CAD / 42 GBP) for a 1.5 hour tour. Inquiries can be made by email to or by phone/WhatsApp to +52 984 1299995. Alternatively, you can also book a Holbox horseback riding tour with one of the many tour operators on Holbox, such as My Holbox Tours or online at GetYourGuide.

Horses at Los Podrillos Holbox Horseback Riding
The horses at Los Podrillos Holbox

Running on the Long Sandy Beach

Jogging or running on Holbox’s long sandy beach is a wonderful way to get some exercise during your vacation. Due to the slightly higher Caribbean temperatures, it is advisable to start early in the morning around 7 a.m., when the sun is low and the beach is still almost deserted. Once the sun hits the shore, it gets very hot.

A jogger runs on the beach on Holbox Island
Jogging on the beach early in the morning

Evening temperatures are also good for running, although many visitors to the island head to the beach at this time to enjoy the usually spectacular sunsets.

Fitness Boot Camp

Even more intense than jogging on the beach is the Holbox Bootcamp, which is held daily during the week in small groups. This combination of functional training and strength training, with cardio sessions really gets you working out. In addition to tourists, it is also popular with locals and other people who live here.

Entrance to the Holbox Bootcamp
The Entrance to the Holbox Bootcamp

The boot camp in Holbox takes place at the centrally located Hotel Zomay from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 7:45 in the morning and from 8:00 to 8:45 in the morning (best attended) and from 18:00 to 18:45 in the evening. In the garden behind the hotel there is a specially equipped outdoor area with all kinds of dumbbells, ropes, jumping jacks and other training equipment.

Fitness training at the Holbox Bootcamp
During fitness training at Holbox Bootcamp

Participation in the Holbox Bootcamp costs 250 MXN (14 USD / 19 CAD / 11 GBP) for a workout, but there are also cheaper subscriptions for longer periods of time. There is also the option of private personal training sessions. The super friendly trainer, Diana, will not only keep a close eye on the execution of the exercises, but will also be happy to advise you on what is best for you.

Holbox Gyms

It’s hard to believe, but the small island of Holbox actually has two gyms where you can work on your strength and endurance.

El Gym de Ali
C. Palomino, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexiko

The long-established “El Gym de Ali” is centrally located near the main square and is popular with locals and tourists alike. The equipment in the small Holbox gym is quite basic and a bit outdated. But it’s certainly good enough for a vacation workout or two.

Equipment at El Gym de Ali on Holbox Island
Equipment at the fitness studio El Gym de Ali

In addition to dumbbells and barbells, there is a variety of equipment that works quite well. However, some of them have become rusty due to the warm and humid weather, so take extra care with your clothing when working out with them. Treadmills and cross trainers are available for endurance training or cardio sessions.

Treadmills at El Gym de Ali on Holbox Island
Treadmills at El Gym de Ali

Prices are unbeatably low at 60 MXN (3.50 USD / 4.60 CAD / 2.70 GBP) per day or 250 MXN (14 USD / 19 CAD / 11 GBP) per week.

Rever Gym
C. Gonzalo Guerrero S/N-Mz 29, 77310 Holbox, Q.R., Mexiko, +529982917676

The second Holbox gym is called Rever Gym and is located on the main road near the port where the ferries dock. It is larger and more modern, but also considerably more expensive. There is a large selection of weights, benches and equipment, so you can do extensive workouts. There is nothing to complain about in terms of cleanliness and service. Since there are more people here, it can get a little crowded, especially at peak times. On the other hand, the gym is air-conditioned, which allows for more flexibility in terms of time. There are even special evening classes for cardio, Zumba, yoga and more.

The entrance of the Rever Gym on Holbox Island
The Rever Gym on Holbox Island

A day pass costs 150 MXN (9 USD / 12 CAD /7 GBP), and a trainer is available in the gym to provide support. For a week you pay 400 MXN (23 USD / 31 CAD / 18 GBP).

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