The 10 Best Beach Clubs in Holbox

Where to spend the perfect day at the beach

Holbox Beach Clubs for Beach Days

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The more than 5 km of sandy beach in the north of Isla Holbox stretches from the Rio Kuka lagoon in the east to Punta Cocos Bay in the west. There are many great beach clubs along the beach, each with different amenities and services. To help you choose the right club for the perfect day at the beach, we have compiled a list of the best beach clubs in Holbox.

Holbox Beach is Free for Everyone

First things first: the beach in Mexico is always public and therefore free to use, no matter where you are. However, this only applies to the area a few meters wide along the shore. The exact size of this area depends on whether it is on private property and where exactly the property line is. Some hotels in Holbox, that are directly on the beach, have marked their boundaries with stakes in the sand so that you can easily see where you are allowed to sit or lie down.

Holbox Island Beach Clubs at Playa Grande
Beach Clubs at Playa Grande on Holbox Island

In any case, sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach either belong to a hotel or are subject to a fee. Since almost every hotel in Holbox tries to offer its guests its own beach with services, the options for a nice spot on the sand without any frills are limited.

The Variety of Beach Clubs in Holbox

Spending a day at a beach club definitely has many advantages. In addition to practical amenities such as sun loungers, toilets and WiFi, there are beach clubs on Holbox Island with excellent food and attentive service. There are cozy places with a relaxed atmosphere or lively clubs with music and a party atmosphere. Drinks of all kinds are always available and there are often even games such as table tennis or table soccer. Some hotels offer a few places in their own beach club for a little more privacy.

With all the amenities that a beach club has to offer, it is still advisable to take a closer look at the cost. Many beach clubs in Holbox require a minimum spend, usually between 250 and 600 MXN (15-35 USD / 12-28 GBP), which includes the use of sunbeds and umbrellas. In other clubs, these must be paid for separately or are charged as a kind of entrance fee or cover charge. It is not always immediately clear what the current cost of sun loungers or minimum spend is, as this can vary depending on the season, occupancy and time of day. It is important to ask before you order to avoid any nasty surprises when you receive your bill.

On Isla Holbox, and especially in the beach clubs, it is common practice to add 5% to the bill when paying by credit card. The automatic addition of a 15% tip is also common. Therefore, it is always cheaper to pay in cash with Mexican pesos, although it can be difficult to get cash in Holbox.

Tip: Always check the bill at the beach club to see if the tip is already included so you don’t accidentally pay twice.

Where to Find the Best Holbox Beach Clubs

There are numerous beach clubs along the entire northern beach of Holbox Island. The clubs near the center, where the beach is called “Playa Grande”, are always very lively. They are located just to the right of the large colorful Holbox letters (“Las Letras”), which are a popular photo motif.

Map of the best Beach Clubs on Holbox Island
The best Holbox Beach Clubs

You will find great beach clubs about halfway up the beach to the east and west. These tend to be cozier and, depending on the location of your accommodation, more or less within walking distance.

There are two more beach clubs quite far away, in the far east at Punta Cocos Bay. However, it takes almost an hour to walk there from downtown. It is much faster to take a taxi, a rented bike or a golf cart.

1. La Playa De Ñaña

Location on Google Maps

The best Holbox beach club for exquisite food in a relaxed atmosphere

When it comes to good food and delicious cocktails, the beach club Restaurante La Playa De Ñaña is our favorite. The lobster burritos, tuna steaks and all sorts of unusual taco variations are particularly noteworthy. The club also impresses with its attentive service, good music and a pleasant atmosphere.

Holbox Beach Club La Playa De Nana
Holbox Beach Club La Playa De Nana

The Beach Club La Playa De Ñaña offers a great view of the usually fantastic sunsets, but also an extremely popular photo motif: the somewhat lost-looking mirrored door in front of the club on the beach makes for creative photos and exciting selfies.

The mirrored door at La Playa De Nana Beach Club
The mirrored door at La Playa De Nana Beach Club

Of course, all this comes at a price and the beach club is usually very busy. While the prices for food and drinks are in the middle range, e.g. 160 MXN (9 USD / 7 GBP) for a guacamole, you have to pay at least 600 MXN (35 USD / 28 GBP) per person for the beach loungers.

2. Carolinda Beach Club

Location on Google Maps

The best beach club in Holbox for swinging on the beach

The small, cute Carolinda Beach Club works in conjunction with the apartments and suites of the Ensueño Holbox & Beach Club located 150 meters behind, but is also open to day guests. The cuisine is traditional Mexican, offering small snacks such as guacamole, nachos and tacos, as well as hamburgers and fish and chips.

The Holbox Beach Club Carolinda
The Holbox Beach Club Carolinda

The atmosphere at Beach Club Carolinda is relaxed, the music is not too loud and the beach is rather quiet, as it is located just outside the town center. The sea in this area is shallow, but usually quite clean, so it’s good for swimming. Right on the beach, which is littered with shells and sometimes in the water depending on the tide, there is a double swing that is often used for beautiful Holbox photos. In addition to comfortable sun loungers, a ping pong table provides some variety. The service is friendly and fast.

The swing at Carolinda Beach Club on the beach of Holbox
The swing in front of the Carolinda Beach Club

The drinks are a bit more expensive, but the food is comparatively cheap and good. A minimum spend of 250 MXN (15 USD / 12 GBP) per person is charged for use of the sun loungers, depending on the day of the week and time of day. The club closes early at around 6:30 pm, so be sure to order your favorite drink in time for sunset.

3. Mawimbi Beach Club & Barquito Restaurant

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The best Isla Holbox beach club to relax

When it comes to perfect relaxation, the beach club of what we consider to be the best hotel on the island is a must. Although Hotel Mawimbi offers its club primarily to its own guests in the spacious and beautifully landscaped beach area with palm trees, it is also open to day guests on a limited basis depending on occupancy and season.

The perfectly integrated Barquito Restaurant serves fabulous Mexican and Italian cuisine as well as a wide selection of cocktails. The tuna steak with sesame and amaranth crust is especially delicious, as are the pasta dishes of all kinds, even gluten-free. Breakfast is also excellent and popular with guests from nearby accommodations.

The beach club Mawimbi Barquito in Holbox
The beach club Mawimbi Barquito

The service at Mawimbi & Barquito Beach Club is very attentive and the facilities are perfect with clean toilets and an outdoor shower. The soft background music is relaxing and invites you to dream under the large palm trees. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset with an excellent cocktail.

The prices for food and drinks are upscale, but this is in keeping with the high quality. If there is space available for day guests at the beach club, you pay 500 MXN (29 USD / 23 GBP) per person for the sun loungers.

4. Maruva Restaurant & Beachclub

Location on Google Maps

The best beach club in Holbox for the whole family

The small but exquisite Maruva Beach Club is sheltered from the wind between two smaller hotels, surrounded by tall palm trees. The restaurant in the back offers exceptional cuisine. The ceviche and all the other fish dishes are highly recommended.

The Beach Club Maruva on Holbox Island
Maruva Beach Club surrounded by palm trees

The atmosphere is relaxed and the beach is less crowded due to its location away from the center. The well-equipped beach club has hammocks, board games and sometimes surprises with spontaneous activities. This club is ideal for families who want to spend all day at the beach.

Prices for food and drinks are in the upper mid-range. You pay 500 MXN (29 USD / 23 GBP) for sun loungers with a large umbrella, most of which is deducted from your spending for food and drinks.

5. Punta Coco Restaurant Bar

Location on Google Maps

The best Holbox beach club for exploring on the go

Punta Coco, a small beach club with restaurant and bar, is located on the far west side of Holbox Island in the bay of the same name. If you are on a long walk around the island, this is a great place to take a break. Otherwise, the best way to get there is by taxi, rented bike or golf cart. It takes almost an hour to walk from downtown and there are a few detours.

The Holbox Island Beach Club Punta Coco
Punta Coco Beach Club near the bay of the same name

Once there, the beach restaurant offers a small selection of dishes such as ceviche and guacamole, as well as delicious cocktails. The facilities at the beach club are spartan, with no showers or restrooms, but there are sun loungers. Due to the secluded location, mosquitoes are more common here, so be sure to wear a good insect repellent, especially at sunset.

The prices for food and drinks are very fair and not too expensive, but you usually have to pay extra for sunbeds.

6. Capitán Capitán Beach Club

Location on Google Maps

The best beachclub in Holbox for a good time

The lively Capitán Capitán beach club is centrally located, right next to the big Holbox letters. It serves typical Mexican snacks such as guacamole, tacos and tortillas, as well as good quality meat and fish dishes and pizza. The selection of cocktails and beers is modest.

Capitan Capitan Beach Club Holbox Island
Beach Club Capitán Capitán

The landmark of the beach club is a decommissioned boat that has been converted into a bar and integrated into the club in a very attractive way. At the entrance is a large archway with a wide swing, which is often used as a photo motif. Frequent performances by live bands, rhythmic DJ music and karaoke add to the good atmosphere. If that’s not enough, you can pass the time playing table tennis or table soccer.

The sun loungers at the Capitán Capitán Beach Club may not be the best, but they are free if you consume something. The food costs no more than in a normal restaurant and the drinks are reasonably priced despite the central location. Since the club is open until 11 pm, you might find yourself in the middle of a party.

7. El Velero Beach Club

Location on Google Maps

The best Holbox beach club for sunbathing

In a good location, not far from the center of Holbox, El Velero Beach Club is located in a beautiful bay with a wide sandy beach. It collaborates with the Hotel Puerto Holbox and is also open to day visitors. The beach restaurant offers delicious snacks as well as full menus and breakfast.

The Holbox Beach Club El Velero
The Holbox Beach Club El Velero

The ambience of the beach club is very pleasant with soft music playing in the background. With comfortable sun loungers and plenty of shady pergolas, you can spend the whole day relaxing on the beach. For more active vacationers, there are even yoga classes in the morning.

The prices for food and drinks are very fair and in line with the Holbox average. There is a charge of 500 MXN (29 USD / 23 GBP) per person for sun loungers, but this is deducted from the spending for food and drinks.

8. Mantarraya Beach Club & Hammocks

Location on Google Maps

The best beach club in Holbox for authentic food

The authentic Mexican beach club Mantarraya is less suitable for lying on the beach, but the small restaurant serves excellent food. There are delicious aguachiles, ceviches and lots of other fresh seafood in huge portions.

Holbox Beachclub Restaurant Mantarraya
The restaurant of the beachclub Mantarraya

The atmosphere is typically Mexican, with a flair of plastic chairs and tables, Latin music, coupled with good humor and friendly people. Food is reasonably priced, but the few sun loungers on the beach are very uncomfortable and cost an additional 250 MXN (15 USD / 12 GBP).

Beach Club Mantarraya in Holbox
The beach at Mantarraya Beach Club

9. Club de Playa Punta Caliza

Location on Google Maps

The best Holbox beachclub for a relaxing day at the beach

The beach club of the Hotel Punta Caliza is a little further away, but it has a beautiful sandy beach and excellent food and drinks. The most popular dishes are Mexican classics like tacos and ceviche, but there are also pizzas, burgers and delicious desserts.

Beach Holbox at Punta Calisa

The ambience is very quiet and cozy with pleasant background music. The sunbeds on the beach are simple but comfortable and the service is very attentive. The beautiful sunset is best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand.

The prices for food and drinks are high, but the quality is good. The sunbeds are free, but there is a minimum spend of 300 MXN (18 USD / 14 GBP) per person, which is quickly reached.

10. Carioca’s Restaurant & Beach Club

Location on Google Maps

The best Isla Holbox beach club to party

Carioca’s Restaurant & Beach Club offers good Mexican snacks and seafood in large portions at reasonable prices during the day. However, the beach club is better known for its large selection of cocktails at the spacious bar, which is surrounded by comfortable swings.

Holbox Beachclub Carioca's Restaurant
Beachclub Carioca’s Restaurant

There is always a good party atmosphere. The music is loud, often with live Latin bands and DJs creating an exuberant atmosphere. Although the beach club officially closes after sunset, the bar stays open all night until the early hours of the morning. It is one of the hotspots of Holbox nightlife and is often busy until late at night. The Black Trebol bar just behind it certainly contributes to its popularity.


In our compilation of the best beach clubs in Holbox, there should be something for every taste and budget, although most of them are not exactly cheap. However, you’ll find consistently good food, top-notch service and plenty of amenities to sweeten your day. If you just want a snack or a cold drink, the long beach of Isla Holbox has numerous beach bars where you can get a quick refreshment or hang out for a while.

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