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Tips for good food on Holbox Island

Restaurants on Holbox

Hard to believe, but true: On the small Isla Holbox there is a variety of restaurants that is hard to beat. Maybe it is because many emigrants have settled here in the course of the last years or simply because there are no big hotel castles with their boring buffets on Holbox. However, from Mexican, Argentinean and Italian to sushi, fast food and even gourmet dishes, no wishes for variety remain unfulfilled. A small selection of culinary variety and in which restaurants what is offered, offers this overview.

Mexican Restaurants

In almost all restaurants on Holbox, the typical Mexican cuisine is represented more or less. The differences can be found more in the emphasis that the individual restaurants place, as well as in the origin of the owners or operators. The selection has increased greatly in recent years, so that you can taste your way through everywhere during your vacation and still not have tried everything in the end.


As in many other countries, pizza has long been established as a dish in Mexico. The Mexican pizza offered here, however, has only something remotely in common with the real Italian model. This is not only due to the slightly different dough used for it. The ingredients for the toppings also have their origins in Mexico, which results in many a funny combination, such as pizza with lobster or chicken.


The island of Holbox has been a popular destination for Italians since the very beginning of tourism, and some of them settled here. This is how it happened that Italian restaurants were opened, which culinary fused with Mexican cuisine. Nevertheless, on Isla Holbox you can find surprisingly good pasta and seafood, prepared in the traditional Italian way.


Eating with style as an experience for all senses can also be found on Holbox. Here, dishes and drinks are staged, as are ambience and service. Unusual ingredients in culinary diversity, whether exotic, organic or vegan, always trendy and glamorous. This makes these places not only interesting for food bloggers or influencers, but also ideal for hanging out in a cozy atmosphere. Of course, they are priced higher and it can also happen that you have to wait longer for a free seat. Still, it’s worth trying one of these restaurants.